As we've seen that many of you, the ones who linked at this site, are from all over the world and supposing that you don't speak all Romanian, so we've decided to translate into English some of the recipes for the beginning and to give you some hints on the Romanian cuisine because this is a part of culture. First, as you can see, all the recipes are tested on my husband, who is still alive. Then, the ingredients are all natural, provided (except the spices) by my parents-in-law who live in the country and have their own vegetable garden and raise their own pigs and chicken, so, if you don't get the special natural taste, now you know why. Another aspect is that the food is cooked on a gas stove (called Turica, as it is part of our family), but you can try to make it in microwaves or on an electric stove, of course shortening the cooking time and orienting by the color and smell of the food. Some of you who don't know the Romanian dishes may be amazed finding at "Soups" something called "Ciorba" (it is pronounced "tchiorba"). The preparing routine is the same as for soups, but ciorbele (the plural for ciorba) are a little more sour and are "mended" with whisked eggs and with sour cream. This is a very important part in a usual Romanian lunch, because the Romanians don't drink too many liquids and this is a way to compensate. Wishing you "Good appetite", we let you see some samples of the Romanian cuisine in Liana style.
Poftă bună!