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Mushrooms with Potatoes and Eggs

1 kg potatoes, 500 g mushrooms, 200 ml oil, 2 tbs flour, 6 eggs, 2 ts butter, 1 cup milk, 100 g any grated cheese, 100 g heavy cream, salt, pepper.
Wash the potatoes and put them boil. Clean the mushrooms, slice them and sautee them in oil. Peel and slice boiled potatoes. Also, boil the eggs hard. Slice. Make a white sauce with the milk and the flour. Mix sliced potatoes, mushrooms and eggs with the sauce. Add salt and pepper to taste and also half of the cheese. Butter a deep dish and pour the whole mixture in it. Pour the heavy cream over it and the rest of the cheese. Bake it until golden brown on medium heat. Serve hot next to a vegetable salad (cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes) or with tomato sauce.
Recommended wine: FRANCUSA de COTNARI. It's a semi-sweet wine, with good acidity and a lot of fragrance.