Ei, nu numai eu sunt Toma necredinciosul, ci și François Parisien, ciclistul canadian în vârstă de 31 de ani fiind citat de Cyclingnews astfel: «„I don’t believe it all,” the Argos-Shimano rider told Radio Canada. „Just like Michael Barry who said he quit using doping in 2006. I don’t believe it all.

These guys have been lying for lots of years and now they decide to confess. But they only did so after they had been exposed and with their backs against the wall.

It makes me sick,” Parisien said about his Olympic dream being taken away from him. „I feel a lot of frustration and disgust. These frauds defined a large part of my career since I was young.

This is not something to simply get over,” he says about the confessions of Hesjedal and Barry. „I will have to slowly digest and then learn to live with it. It has happened and it can’t be undone. You can’t go back in a cycling career. What has been stolen, has been stolen. You can’t get it back.”»

Și, apropo de US Postal – mama dopajului, cum crede complexatul ăla de șef de la USADA – și Hesjedal; canadianul a recunoscut că se dopa în 2003, deci, înainte de a ajunge la US Postal…

Florin Silea